It is never OK.........

Day 21

Whispers from the Heart of God....

It is never OK to make fun of others weaknesses, especially yours, even if it is not your struggle anymore.  Your testimony is not a circus act to sell tickets.  Do not ever forget that I show up best in the middle of your weaknesses.

Be prepared to share not perform, that is what you have been encouraged to do.  Do not make a spectacle of yourself or draw attention to who you use to be.  A quiet humble life is how you will attract the least of these.

You were not created for the audiences, the masses or public opinion.  I called you out so you could go back in for the one lost sheep that is curled up and crying out.

When people make a public spectacle out of finding faith, they make me unreachable and even though I am among the people, the performance done by the people prevents the hurt and lost from reaching out.

The message is simple and clear, through your quiet lives you will win them over.  Them, the least of these, the nobodies of this world I will make somebody’s.  The ones the religious leaders have no use for even though they confess "in Jesus name." 

My son never made fun of those on the fringes of society, never laughed at the least of these or those marginalized and neither should my people.

There is no room on this journey for sarcasm or crude behavior from those who call themselves leaders of the faith.  When my youngest are made fun of my heart hurts even more.

You need to speak up my children to those who think that the voice of the leaders is the voice of God, "not so!"  I would never speak to my children in away that would belittle them.  Stand tall, take the power from the pulpit and give it back to my people.

"I am not a show, I am not unreachable and I am not a formula to box up, book and sell."

Come to me, all who are weary, I will give you rest; I will give you strength when you are weak.

Never ever make fun of what is weak, as you will be making fun of me.

Love Your


Kelline said...

I relate particularly to this post. I've begun my journey with God anew and this is the one factor that forced my hand. I could no longer stand among the people in their piety and masks. I love everyone. I can't help it. But it doesn't make me blind to what the Holy Spirit bears witness to. I've struggled with this. I'm grateful to see this spoken through your words in a profound and enriching way. It's a truth that's rarely voiced. Too often, as Christians we think our church attendance and fair attire make us right with God. All the while we're wearing these masks. Pretending to be something we aren't. That's where the criticism of others begins to grow as we tend to think we're better than they. God bless you for your candidacy.

Cris Nole said...

You are so right about attendance and attire, I use to hide behind them both and call it my walk. Hope you have a spirit filled day my friend. Thanks for your comments.