Invite Others......

Day 13

Whispers from the Heart of God………

You are to invite others along for the ride.  Show them the way by pointing them to me.  I will show them just what I have planned for their journey, as I have done for you.

Be the Jesus with skin on for the people around you.  Pause more, speak less.  People need compassion not judgment, it will lead them straight into my arms.  When they experience my goodness they will not want to leave.

Hold their hands, do not be fearful of getting hurt, I will protect your heart when you reach out to the least of these.  It will not be easy, other will question what I have called you to do, but remember I called you.  Your heart can handle much when you trust me with the healing.

Others cannot understand the depths of the voice in your soul and the calling on your life.  Others cannot hear the still quite whisper that I speak to your spirit.

Go into your world, find those who are hiding out, those who are over looked.  They are in need of my love, grace, mercy, kindness and forgiveness. 

Everyone one of my creations has been created with my thumbprint on their hearts.  People have been deceived in to believing they must be good enough before I will love them, “not so!”

Offer you heart and your hands, put actions behind what you believe.  Do not forget when you yourself wanted to die and cried out to me.  Remember where you found me, in the depths of your despair, ready, willing and wanting to help you find your footing.  That is your message I have placed on your heart. 

The human heart is fragile, forcing my way in would only break it more, so, I wait and I love and I listen with out stretched hands for everyone who wants to, to take hold.  I will not let go, all you have to do is hold on.

The invite will come from you to them and you will erase the line in the sand.  With me, there is no more us and them.

Love Your

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