Hands, Heart and Heaven.....

Day 14

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Look at your hands, your fingers, your nails, the tops and the palms.  Do you see how unique I made you?  You should smile at the way I systematically formed you from your face to your feet.

I have also made you to choose.  You get to use your hands to help or hurt, give or take, pull up or push down, it is all up to you.  Your choice starts in your mind, works its way to your thoughts and is produced in your actions

My will is that you will use your hands to help hold the hands of those around you.  I desire for you to reach out and in, touch the heart of the other souls sitting in your circle and beyond.  The gift of touch that comes with the use of your hands can bring healing and wholeness if you choose to do good.  

Though I created you to be with others, this is good, I will not make you.  Just like your hands, I also gave you a choice how to use your heart.  Will you love or hate, forgiven or regret, this is your choice? My will though, my child, is for you to use your heart to help  heal the hurting and  to love well so others will know me.

Your choice is your free will, a gift I gave you from the beginning of time.  I knew is was going to be a hard choice to let you, go but I also knew that perfect love casts out fear and as you grow you will choose what my perfect will has to offer.

With your hands and heart with holding and healing, with giving and receiving, you will find outrageous peace, perfect joy.  My will is only produced from my love, will and desires to see all my children healed and set free.

Your hands have the amazing ability to point people in the right direction, to write a word of encouragement and hold the hand of another human being.  Your hands are a tool to bring people in and help them find peace.

I have given you a choice, my prayer, will and desire is that you my child will choose to use your hands and heart to bring heaven to earth.

Love Your

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