My Heart Longs...

Day 5

Whispers from the Heart of God...

My heart longs for the hurting, the lost and those who have been left behind.  My heart is broken for those who believe that I have chosen some of you and not all of you.  Because I love you I cannot, I will not make you come to me. 

Tell your story, show your scars, help them understand that I was there all along, waiting by your side to give you rest, peace and healing.  Let them know that you were not disappointed when you walked away from the play, the act, and the rules and straight into my arms.

I did not ask you to change, be fixed up, cleaned up or shut up.  You are a result of leaning into me, pressing into the pause and finding out that I have loved you all along, just the way your are.

Your righteousness is a result of our relationship not of your works.   What you are able to do today flows from what was done for you yesterday.  I gave you a place to rest your soul, clear your mind and energize your body.

Even though many claim to know me, they are missing the mark.  I love all my children, I am the creator of all.  People do not have to sell me, I am not a product.  People do not have to make a performance out of me, I am not an act or a play.

My creations are killing themselves from doing, going and trying to be more then I made created to be.  There is only so much my children can bare before they will break.  They need rest, permission to say no, mean no and wait for their yes.

I will show them, I will lead them into what they were created to be, they must just stop first let go of all the world has to offer.  Trust me, give to the poor and watch my power show up in a profound way. 

The world will try to choke out my children’s peace but pause, pray and be patient, you are given all you need to be who you are.   When others claim to know me, remember the mark of those who know my heart is not in what they do but what has been done to them.  You will see the fruit of my spirit flow from their soul, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness and self-control will be the sign of my spirit in the people.  My heart longs for the least of these.

Love Your Creator

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Chris K said...

There are many, many times I wish I could hear the words audibly from God. The image of the heart could be my heart ... broken and scarred. Thanks for sharing this.