Not In Your Doing....

Whispers from the Heart of God...

Day 29

It is not in your doing that you have received me but in my choosing.  I breathed my spirit in you, like my first set of followers, when you where broken and doubted me the most.  This is part of my message so that no one will boast.

Receiving and taking a burden or a blessing.  Though these two look alike, they are different.  One comes with humility and the other with pride.  

When you were at your lowest, when you felt like you had nothing to offer that is when I was able to use you the most.  Growth happens and giving is done when I capture the heart of the ones I have chosen.

It is not that I need you broken as much as you need you broken or you would be in danger of believing your freedom and faith have something to do what you had done.  Your brokenness is an insurance policy to protect you from the pride that could lead you back to the dark places I pulled you from.

Remember these truths, when your out in the world, I show up best in your weakness and Satan attacks your strengths.  

My spirit in you is where you will find your strength; I chose to choose you so that no one could boast.

I breathed on them and said, “Receive the holy spirit.”
                                                                      John 20:22

Love Your