Be Still....

Whispers from the Heart of God…

Day 28

If you cannot hear me, it is time to be still. I am speaking to you ever so softly.  Pull away, push back and relax in my presence.  This will not only give you the ability to hear my voice but it will be good for your soul.  You will find peace when you press into my presence.  

Many say they follow the way, they live for the simplicity of a life filled with faith, the way I created them to live.  However, look around; what people say and what they do are two different things.  My people are exhausted, over worked and rarely say no when asked to do.  I did not create you so that you can work yourself to death.  

You will hear me in the song of the bird, the sight of the early morning sunrise and the laughter of the children.  I am all around you; I speak to you through all of my creations. Learn to tune into the silence, my spirit will connect with yours when you are still.

The evil one has wiggled his way into this world. He has disguised himself as the truth and has deceived others into following him.  He is loud, arrogant and obnoxious.  He is demanding of your time and values more.  He will eat you up with expectations that you will not be able to fill.  Once you cannot be all he has called you to be, he will then come in for the kill.  He will condemn and call you names until you role over and want to die.

I am about abundance, which is not the same as more.  You will find your greatest joy in less and your burden will be light.  You will know the real deal only when you choose to be still.  You will live in freedom only when you let go.  Do not be deceived.  I will and do love you not because of what you do but because of who’s your are.

If you cannot hear me, it is time to be still.  

Love Your

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