Lessons Learned...

Whispers from the Heart of God....

Day 26

It is never too late to learn a new lesson, travel a new road or make a new memory.  There is more then one way to live, do not get stuck in your thinking.  Change and choice are the excitement that comes when you follow me.

Look around, what do you see?  There are many places, people and things for you to embrace.  I created you to experience life to the fullest.  My way is not what you think; my ways are not your ways.  I am like the wind, one minute blowing here and another minute blowing there.

Every new moment is an opportunity to make a memory.  I am in those moments if you let me.  I will give you gifts that only you can see.  Tuck away these lessons you learn through the memories you make and you will have an amazing journey.  You will fall but I will help you get up, reach for me and see.

Do not try to catch me, I will carry you.  My spirit will lead you if you will let it.  Do not try to control me or you will find the burden to heavy for you to bear.  Your mind cannot make sense of what I am doing, but your spirit knows exactly what to do.  Trust your heart, follow me and see.  Do not let fear keep you from change and choice; they will be the wings that allow you to fly.

On this journey you will experience Jesus, look for Him among my people.   My people are found among the orphans, the widows; the prisoners just to name a few.  Go find them among the least of these and you will find me. 

Remember, it is never too late to learn a new lesson.  I am like the morning sun, though I rise everyday, I still start something new.  My lessons are amazing and you will learn if you let me lead.   

Love Your

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