Call On Me...

Whispers from the Heart of God...

Day 27

Call on me and I will be there.  Do not get ahead of yourself.  Trust in me and where I have you and I will lead you.  Do not worry about the ways of this world.  I have not called you out of the darkness only to tie you down to obligations.

My desire is for your devotion, for you to freely love me, not from fear of rejection.  I will not leave you even when you walk away from me, I am a breath away.    

My plans for you are that of a hope and a future.  These plans play out when you focus on my face rather then your failures.  Living in the moment while trusting me with your future, there is where your hope will be. 

The journey is not easy, it will not always make sense but your passion will be present when you walk in my way.  Love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control, you can do this!

Every word you speak should be evidence that you are my child.  Your gentle conversation, your deep convictions and your outrageous love for the least of these will give you the freedom you need to live out the message of your heart. 

When you are tempted to add to your plate, make a name for yourself and show off more then show up, cry out to me, I will shine light on your why and your ways.  Remember, it is not that I do not want you to be known, I just know the danger of and the cost it takes when fame becomes the carrot and you loose sight of me.

Call on me and I will be there.  Stand strong, be still and do not get ahead of yourself, you are right where you are supposed to be.

Love Your

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