Happy Summer

Dear Friends,
Summer is just around the corner.  The longest day of the year is about to arrive.  With that in mind, I will be living in the moment more then usual.  I will be stepping away from my writing, blogging  and schedule to prepare for the next season in my life. 

I have learned to use summer as a time of resting, though I have not been this intentional.in the past.   As I have shared with many of you already, the stepping away from social media was in preparation for such a time as this. 

My mind is clear and my calendar is white.  This leaves me with room to pack, plan and dream about what tomorrow will bring.  Life beyond the front porch is what I am calling the next season. 

We are putting our home on the market and looking to move in the next several months.  Our first grandchild is due any day now and we have a desire to live in community with the family as a whole.

Learning to listen, ask, pause and repeat has trickled from the front porch into our extended family life.  We are seeing the benefit of living the front porch philosophy of creating community one conversation at a time in our relationships under the roof.

So, as I step away from my keys and step into the summer, please keep me in prayer.  I will be revamping my blog and launching a website towards the fall.  Keep an eye out for The Front Porch coming this fall!!!!


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