Bush Dream Garden

What does one do when one is led to close the BOOK and just be with I AM?   A few months ago, that is what I did.  Ten years of reading through the ancient, teachings and I fasted what had become a habit.  The result.

Whispers from the Heart of God…

  Close one book and prepare to open another.  I am with you wherever you go.  My desire is never for you to make me a habit.  Human nature makes that happen unless on purpose, you are willing to change it up and you were!  Thirty days of putting your ear to the still quiet beginning of your day.  Can you hear me whispering to your spirit?  “I love you, you are enough.”  Nothing you do will ever change how I feel about you.  My word, sprit and truth lives inside of you.

  You are stronger then your mind can imagine.  A mind of Christ is what makes you mightier today then yesterday.  You are able to understand my strength in you when you walk through a struggle.  Thirty days of trusting me with a new way to start your day.  Trusting me gives you the ability to experience me in a new way, everyday.  A book, page, story or sentence cannot confine me. I live outside of tradition and habit.  I live in the heart of my creations.  I live within people, families and communities. 

  Everyone will experience me in their own way, through a separate lens of experiences.  People come from different places, pasts and pain.  That does not mean one person is right and on person is wrong.  If you want to use the ancient teachings for anything, use them as a reminder for this truth.  I AM.  One person saw me in a bush, another in a dream and yet another in the garden.  I will do whatever it takes to get my creations attention. 

  Keep your eyes focused on my face.  The face of your faith.  The one who spoke to your soul and said, “It is finished and I am Able.”  Hold tight to those experiences, they are a huge part of how I have healed your wounds and set you free.  Thirty days of intentionally closing one book and opening another.  I AM with you wherever you go.

Love Your


Thank you for letting me share.

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