Created To Be Seen...

While I focused my sight on the word FREEDOM  for the last seven days, I jotted down the
 greatest lesson I learned in the smallest flicker of light in the early mornings of my week.

My tribe, the one I shared about just a few post back, they have given me the FREEDOM
to show up and be me.   Little had I known I had been driven to hold back and hold in the real deal, I would never show up all the way. I was trained to keep parts of me hidden. Holding back was a means of hoping everyone would like me and except me.

The reality  was, the more parts I hid, the more I had started to disappear, dwindling down to nothing.  I felt like a faceless woman preparing to never be seen or heard.

That was until I met three women who have changed the course of my life forever.  These women have become my closest friends, my confidants, sacred soul sisters. They have helped me come out of hiding. They have helped me weed through the practice of playing small. They have encouraged me through their own actions to fully show up, fully be seen,  and fully be heard.

The more I spend time with these three women the more I realized how much I had been missing out in most of my life.  Though I have others outside this tribe, these three have actually taken up residence in my heart. Each one making a permanent imprint on my soul. Each one giving me the FREEDOM to be me 100% me! The good and hard parts, the silly and serious.  Their very presence brings out the best in me.  

My hope, my prayer is that others who have been trained and taught to hold back. Those in this world who are dying from the disease of disappearing will find healing and hope through the story of the four of the most amazing women I know.

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