Preparing My Heart and Head...

Happy Monday my friends.  It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the month as well as the year.  How many of you wonder, where did the time go?  I am challenging myself to find ways to be grateful for the areas that cause me the most aggravation.  It seems like a great challenge to enter into the Thanksgiving season, away to prepare my heart and my head.


One area I have shared here on my blog not to long ago was about my gadgets, to be more precise my cell phone.  I have a love hate relationship with Celi, a little name I gave her when I decided I was going to put up a boundary on how much attention she would get.  The reality  is that my cell phone helps me  stay connected to my family and friends but without some intentionality behind using it, it can quickly turn into a bad habit and has over time.  The urge to look at her even when there is no need.

So, here is what I am doing for the next month.  Every time I pick up my cell phone I will pause and say a prayer of gratitude.  It can be for anything that I am grateful for in the moment.  I started this practice last week and I noticed that many times when I would pick Celi up out of habit,  say a tiny little prayer of thanksgiving, by the time I was done with my prayer I did not feel so resentful for this little gadget that I had given to much power over to.  Because I have chosen to pray anytime I pick Celi up it has made my calling, texting and even reading on her more intentional.  Today when I had an opportunity to connect with one of my five siblings through texting when I was done I found myself being grateful for technology instead of disturbed by how it use to annoy me.


Has anything changed with Celi?  Why of course not, she is the same cell phone I brought home a few years ago.  What has changed is my heart, my attitude and knowledge that it is all about choice and perspective.  I have a choice to either complain about or be thankful for what is an everyday part of my life.  I have the choice to pick it up, answer and respond, no one is making me answer Celi. 


Today I am grateful that I can honestly say I am feeling a little bit more freedom to participate in modern technology without it feeling like it has so much control over me.   Today I can look at Celi without feeling like she is trying to run my life, thank God for modern technology and the self control  not pick her up.   


Happy Monday my blogging friends, hope you find reasons to be thankful as you all enter into the next season.



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