What Matters Most...


Who knew being an Aunt to a twenty year old could be so fun?  Just recently my sister and I were on the phone talking about one certain truth.  That truth is, we make time for what matters most to us in our life.  This sister is the mother of my nephew who is here visiting me for the next week.  He is an amazing young man who has had parents who have loved him enough to let him go.  My sister never ceases to amaze me in her strength to lean into her struggle instead of run the other direction.  Believe me, there is a struggle in letting go, if your human you will understand this statement. 

My nephew is getting ready to move from Southern California to live with his family again in Florida.  We had this pocket of time where he was available to come visit us.  Truth is, he wanting to spend time with me and my family tells me what matters most to him.  It tells me that my sister and brother-in-law did a great job laying the foundation of family first when he was much younger.

None of us claim to be perfect parents, siblings, in-laws or friends.  What we are stating though by the choices we make, the calls we take and the travels we plan point to priorities in our lives.   It has been through the fire of refining and defining who we are and who we are becoming that we get to enjoy the fruit of our labor and that is embracing each other’s children even when they are grown up and out of the house.

My nephew has brought a bright light into our home.  He makes me happy to be one of six children.  Who knew that having a twenty year old nephew could be so fun?  Enjoy the short video, it speaks for itself. 

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One grateful Aunt


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