Reflections From The Mirror...

Dear Cris,

Every day you stand in front of me.  We have this unspoken relationship. I know you hold loosely to what you see on my side.  I believe that is a good thing, for what you are seeing changes ever so slightly every day.  However, I get the honors of seeing beyond the reflection.  Every morning as you prepare to start your day this is what I see. 

I see a woman who loves life to its fullest.  A woman who is satisfied by the slow, simple small moments.  I see a woman who embraces beauty with all of her heart.  The kind of beauty that is felt not seen.  I see a woman who is open to new experiences that satisfy the soul.  I see a woman who loves her family to the depths of her being. I see a woman who is hungry to make a difference not just in her world but the world around her as well.


I see a woman who is ready to be seen and heard, fear is no longer keeping her small. I see a woman who loves to help others find their voice. I see a woman who is fiercely adamant about her core values.  I see a woman who does not need credit for her calling but hungers for guidance, correction and leadership through mentoring.  I see a woman who knows two are better than one and travels with a tribe of close knit friends.


I see a woman who knows how to live within her means and loves to give from her abundance. I see a woman who is done being a patient and wants desperately to walk in the healing with the use of all the tools she has gathered over the last eleven years. I see a woman who wants to leave a legacy of one who listened well.  I see a woman who wants people to say she found her voice and used it well. I see a woman who loves Jesus. I see a woman who is not bound by religious behavior but understands the benefits of living a religious life.


I see a woman who understands that there is a season for everything under the sun. I see a woman who will fight to the finish to make sure that the voice of those being ignored are heard. Most of all I see a woman who is not afraid to live in this crazy, noisy, busy, bright, loud world.  I see a woman who has learned to modify when needed her life in such a way that she is able to live in the messy moments.   I see a woman who knows that the miracles in life are found in the messiest of moments. 


I am proud of what I see.  Keep living in the slow, simple, small moments of life and you will continue to experience the miracles of the moment.


One of Your Closest Companions

You’re Reflection

Dear blogging friends,

There was a time in my life when looking in the mirror caused me to fear for what I saw.  I hated my reflection and I cursed  what God had created, me.  I write this post with a heart of celebration because those days of hating what I saw are long gone, they have been for sometime.  God took my broken pieces and turned them into a master PEACE.  I am anything but perfect.  However, today I am able to stand in front of the mirror and like what I see.  I have learned for me to love others I must love myself.  For those of you that are part of my tribe, my community I thank you for helping me embrace my reflection instead of curse God’s creation.

Thank you for stopping by.



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