Simplify, one of my favorite words, one of my favorite actions.    Day after day, the accumulation of making life simple one step at a time adds up.  Simplifying gives you the space, mentally, physically and spiritually to be free to move, do and think outside the box that the world is trying desperately to keep you in, or maybe more like a hamster wheel.  A simple life takes a lot of work.  The world around us is moving at the speed of lighting.  At times it feels as if you might get zapped or run over by the pace of the human race. 


However I made a choice years ago that I would no longer run that race.  I would no longer try to keep the pace that seemed to be robbing me and others of their joy, relationships and even health.  I saw how the body could only go for so long before it started to break down and fall apart.  I have watched diseases take over in my life and in lives of people I love and know who decided to stay on the hamster wheel and run the race of life at full speed.  I have watched not only their health deteriorate but also their relationships. I noticed that relationships could not sustain the fast pace as wheel as well, even though many were running as if there were in a sprint too, all out, all in,  all the time.


No peace, no joy, no living, just doing.  Yes, we may appear to have a so called life from the world’s standards but those standards are not based on health and wholeness.  Those standards are based on feeding a machine, a machine called more.  More having, doing, being, something that is impossible to reach.  There will always be more to do, have and be.  When is enough, enough? 


The world is about systems and structures, things and stuff.  If we are not careful, the kind of careful like you would be if walking over a mine field, then stepping out of the race will seem impossible to do without feeling like you might get blown up.  Stepping out of the lane is not easy.  When we are used to doing the same thing over and over every day, the brain gets lazy and will fight the change.


When we decide to step out of the lane and say “enough is enough.”  There is a chance of being stepped on as we make our way to the recovery station. But, wouldn’t you rather have your feet hurt then have a heartache from never stopping.   Human nature and history points to the fact that we strive and thrive when we live a simple life.  Not when we are at a constant sprint.    

Less is more.  Less to think about more to give.  When we are too tired to enjoy their life then what kind of life do we have?  Simplify and remember it is the small moments in life that matter most.  Today I am choosing to simplify my life one moment at a time.

Have a beautiful today.

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