Happy Feet...


Have you ever had to wait?  What a silly question, I know, it appears that life is about waiting.  In lines, for turns, to be heard, to heal.  The list of why we wait could go on.  Me, my waiting has been on the healing.  Aug. 6 I had surgery on my right foot and today for the first time in almost four months I have shoes on both feet. 
Talk about waiting.  It wasn’t like the feet police were out wondering around waiting to ticket those of us who are overly anxious to get on with our lives.  Yet, I knew that allowing myself to recover properly would pay off in the long run, which was one of the reason why I chose the surgery at the time.  I knew there would be waiting involved and I prepared myself.
I started off in Aug. on crutches and worked my way through six fiberglass casts.  Each time I had to get a cast removed and put back on, I was reminded of my need for others, each time I had to ask for a ride to my doctors, help to the car or even something as simple as a drink of water, I was reminded that I was never intended to live life alone.  I found myself grateful for my people who loved and cared for me when I could not care for myself.
In this time of waiting I found out just how special being still can be.  I found out that I could sit still without going crazy.    I learned to leaned into the moment like I would lean in to a kiss.  I embraced the moment like I would embrace a hug and gifts opened up to me in places I did not even think possible. 
In celebration of my feet I bought them a new pair of shoes.  I think they both deserved a little pampering as they learn to work together again.  My left foot has taken on a brunt of the work for the past four months or even longer since I have been dealing with an injury for years.
Today I look down at my feet, both snug as a bug in their brand new shoes and I find myself sending out a prayer of gratitude to all those who have helped me over the last several months.  I pray that I am able to continue embrace the stillness that I have found while I was down.  A sweet stillness that opened my eyes and gave me a knew lens to look out of, one that allows me to see my life with a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving for those who love me and support me not just when I am able to give but also receive. 
Thank you for letting me share

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