I am the Who!

WOW!!!! I can't believe how long it has been since I actually blogged. Where does the time go? It is not that I haven't had anything to write about but rather I have been busy participating in life, which actually keeps me off the computer and on the front porch. I am really being challenged to make sure that the life I am living is not one of performance but rather participation. This is a challenge because I can easily step into a performance role and not even realize it until I step back or someone loves me enough to point it out. Praise God for true friends, those who love me enough to say the things that might offend me. I am just weeks away from the "You Can't Run Your Race In High Heels" retreat. What do you all think of that theme? My dear friend and book end came up with the title and I just love it. The scripture of the weekend comes from Gal. 5:7 where Paul asks the church "who has kept you from obeying the truth"? Who has kept you from running your race well? Paul did compliment them before hand, he said, "you were running well". I am learning that I have become the who that Paul is asking about. I find that I get caught up in performance which knocks me of my course. Though it feels much like the race I was running, it's a lot more work and a lot less fulfilling. So, I work my way back to my lane, tie my running shoes onto my feet and take off once again, running the race that has been set out before me.

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