God friends make the best girlfriends!!!!!

I love those relationships in my life that point straight back to God. I have this one friend in particular who is truly a God friend, without a doubt, I know God placed her in my life. She is filled with wisdom, humility and a disposition of perseverance. It seems like the harder life presses down on her, the more she presses into God.

Today I was blessed to be able to spend lunch with her and as always the time just seemed to fly by. We laugh and cry together, we listen and talk to one another and it is this beautiful connect that happens when two people who share the same faith, trust in the same God and believe in the same Savior come together.

I spent years trying to live life on my own. I never allowed anyone in and I wasn't willing to take a chance of going out, boy was I missing out on so much.

For all those God friends in my life, thank you for giving of yourself so freely. And for the one who took the time to be with me today, know you are loved and so very much appreciated.

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