I am having a birthday, not an earthquake!

Only 2 ½ hours left until I hit what others refer to as the big one. Many of those who have gone before me speak of turning 40 as if I am about to experience a natural disaster a cataclysmic event and something that I should be prepared for. “The Big One” as if all the other birthdays were less significant or something.

I am having a birthday not an earthquake! I do not need to prepare for a tragedy but rather plan for a celebration. I do not need to seek shelter but rather embrace change. I do not need to count my loss but rather embrace the gain.

As I sat waiting for an appointment today, I reflected back over my childhood and thought about the very thing my mother instilled in all six of her children. One of the many things I have inherited from my mother was the gift of celebration. Looking back over my childhood I never saw my mom complain about the aging process. Instead, another birthday was just one more reason to celebrate. It seemed as if my mother treated every birthday as a gift from God, turning a one-day celebration into a week long event and as she got older a month long festival. Thanks mom!

My birthday preparation will consist of the front porch being transformed into a party hall open to those in the neighborhood, friends and family, with a possibility of the fire pit being pulled out. The change I feel most this coming birthday is in my attitude towards others and myself. Grace has become a theme in my life, and I want to give back what has been given to me. What I have gained far out weighs the things I have lost over the years.

I will write more and let you all know how my day went, it is good to be me, all is well and life is good.


cautious1 said...

Happy Birthday Cris! Hope you have a wonderful day!

K said...

Happy belated birthday my friend. You are surely missed. I love you.