"You are right, I am wrong, please forgive me."

A gentle answer turns away wrath.
Proverbs 15:4
Sometimes my own self-righteousness, arrogance and pride get in the way that not even a log, but a whole forest could be protruding from the sockets of my eyes and all I could see is what looks like shadows of other peoples short comings. When in reality what I am actually witnessing is my own sin being played out, right before my eyes.

I was driving home from my weekly grocery shopping trip, which, because I was on top of things I was a day early, ahead of my to do list. I was feeling really good, really proud of the fact that I was ahead. I had both my son and my daughter with me. They were talking to me but I really couldn't’t hear what they were saying because I was in my own little world of pride, having a little mental party for myself and my accomplishment.

I approached the first stop sign and stopped out of habit, not because I was paying much attention. As I stopped, the car to my left made what I believed to be an incredibly sharp left hand turn. It was so sharp the I was convinced that he was going to take us out with one swipe of his bumper, so as I have done so many other times before, I became the local traffic controller. I placed both palms on top of the horn and pressed down as hard as I could. In my mind I thought “that will teach him a lesson”.

As I drove away I noticed that he made a u turn and started to follow me. Normally this would have made me nervous but I just started praying. It was dark outside but I still sensed a peace deep with in me. As I prayed for protection I heard the Lord speak to my heart and it was the craziest thing. What He was saying was “pull over”, I thought ya right, pull over, no way. But I have learned to be obedient because I love my heavenly Father and trust Him more then myself.

As I started to pull over He continued to talk to my heart, He said “prepare yourself to seek forgiveness, you were wrong, you were over the white line”. Quickly I went back to the stop sign in my mind and sure enough I could see myself sticking over the line, almost begging to be hit. This was the last thing I wanted to do, my kids were in the backseat watching this all play out. My pride told me that if I asked for forgiveness to this person that my children would interrupt that as me being weak, instead of fighting for their safety but I knew the truth, I knew what I needed to do.

As this person pulled up next to me, I noticed that he was a man in him mid 30’s. He rolled down his window, pointed his finger at me and in a raised voice not yelling just raised he said, “you were at fault”. All I could do was look him in the eyes, I realized I had accused him of the very thing I had done and that I was putting me and my children in harms way. So, as I looked him in the eyes I just said, “You are right, I was wrong, please forgive me.” He looked at me, shook his head and just drove away.

I explained to my children exactly what took place and how I was truly wrong and that my own pride kept me from seeing my fault. I shared with them the leading of the Holy Spirit and how He was able to help identify my part and then the scripture that says “a gentle answer turns away wrath” came alive to me and I realized how life giving the Word of God truly is. What could have been a horrible confrontation ended in a life lesson that has changed me for the better, as well as my children

Today my pray for you is that you will allow God to lead you and direct you so that you may become all that He has intended you to be. God is not about shame or guilt but rather Grace and Love and His corrections are proof that He loves His children and that He has plans for us all. Even in our weakest moments we can glorify God if we choose to be obedient to His truth.

“Be still and run your race”

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