Greetings from the Front Porch!

Once again, I am speaking figuratively because today there was warning of ice forming on the sidewalk. Being outdoors was not an option for someone who lives for three digit days.

Therefore, today from the warmth of my sanctuary inside my home and from a philosophy of the front porch, I will share with you how this family uses the front porch to draw closer together, learning to use the simple moments in life to listen well, ask good and pause on purpose.

What does the Front Porch look like behind closed doors, when we cannot be outside, in our favorite chairs, drinking our favorite beverages, sharing story, greeting neighbors and listening well. It looks very much like it does on the outside but this season allows us more of an opportunity to intentionally connect as a family while we create greater community within our own home as well.

Since The Front Porch is not just a place but also a philosophy, we are able to take what we believe and apply inside our home as well. As a family we value the voice, we are passionate about the story and we believe in pausing on purpose while we intentionally listen all in order to create community.

We have learned to carve out times through out the day to practice sitting on the front porch or other wise know as being still with one another, pressing into the moment, slowing down long enough to listen well and ask good and connect with one another as husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son, sister and brother.


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