Friendship is the foundation of the front porch!

Greetings from the Front Porch!

Make new friends but keep the old; some are silver and the other gold! I will never forget the first time I heard that song, being young and foolish I thought it was rather corny, but as I sat down to share today about how the front porch fits into friendships, I could hear this little tune being hummed in my head.

My front porch for years use to be an invisible wall that kept people far enough at a distance from me to prevent any kind of deep friendships from ever being built. God forbid anyone from seeing the real me, funny how a front porch could be considered a mask, but it was. The front porch helped me hide behind bushes and chairs, sending a do not enter message to those even remotely thinking of coming close to my physical home as well as emotional place of residence.

However, thank God for those people in my circle who had pressed on with me, who had seen beyond the barriers and helped me step out of my comfort zone and into my community. Those old friends who believed in me when I did not believe in myself and those new friends who saw a diamond in the rough. I thank you all for your continued love and encouragement, your friendship is the foundation of the front porch.

Over the last several years, the front porch has transitioned into a place of sharing instead of hiding. The bushes were removed, the cement was extended and chairs were added, all to create, connect and be in community with those who had helped us become health, happy and free to be ourselves as a family.

As we enter into 2011, we as a family who walk by faith are committed to being intentional about our time with friends on the front porch. We celebrate you all, remembering that The Front Porch is not just a place but a philosophy of being in the moment, through listening well, asking good and pausing on purpose.


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Carol Davis said...

Glad you let me come and sit on the front porch!!! You are a gift.