Greetings from the Front Porch!

OK, I am not actually out on the front porch but I have come to realize that The Front Porch is not just a place but also an attitude, a philosophy of community. The Front Porch has become a place where people can join in creating community, for a reason a season or a lifetime.

I have spent the last several months just pressing into prayer and asking God to reveal to me my greatest passion in life. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised when I say that I love community. I love to connect people with one another for the greater purpose of serving together, growing together and living together.

I am passionate about being intentional in relationships about building safe community where people can listen well, ask good and pause on purpose all so we can connect.

The Front Porch also represents faith, the kind of faith that says, “There are no ifs among believers and anything can happen.” Mark 9:23 Jesus taught it to those searching for healing but I also believe that we can apply it to our dreams that are hidden deep with in our souls that are birthed out of being present with one another.

The Front Porch philosophy is about being in the moment and trusting God with the future. So, as I enter into this New Year, I am challenged once again to slow down, be the turtle and remember that we were created to be in community.

Cris Nole

“Living In the Moment”

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