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As I continue to fine tune my own dreams and passions I have come to the realization that my sweet spot is not in creating community but rather helping people put dimensions on their dreams and helping them marry their passions with their purpose.

The reason I am so passionate myself about community is that I am aware of the fact that it takes community to birth a dream, the process of going through the pregnancy of a dream is best done in true, authentic community where others are cheering you on as you begin to become all that you were created to be.

I love watching people connect, create and build community together. I believe it is here right in the middle of doing life together that purpose and passion is produced and a vision for something beyond ones self starts to take hold and dreams start to become reality and our abilities stop holding us back and starts gearing us up.

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“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.” ~ Anonymous
Eleven little words that pack a powerful punch. We are capable of much more than we tend to think we are. We have been socially conditioned to be rational, logical, and “realistic.” Dreaming is frowned upon.

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” ~ Will Smith

“Being realistic” is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity because it keeps us small. It limits our thinking to whatever happens to already be within what we believe to be the realm of possibility, based on our previous life experience.

It leaves no room for us to step up to be more, do more, and achieve more. It leaves no room for dreaming, imagining and playing with new possibilities.

You will not get a clear vision of the dream you are dreaming by thinking about it. Your head does not hold the answers…your heart does.

Follow your passion, your bliss, your calling….

This is where your sweet spot is. It is your passion for the work you do, for the way you are serving others, that will provide the inspiration and the drive to make it happen and for your dreams to come true.

A clear vision for your dream based on your passion will pull you forward, it will propel you, light you up, excite you…as nothing else can.

Clear vision will keep you moving forward and pressing on, through whatever challenges arise.

When you follow your dream around your passion and your unique genius, it can feel effortless and fun, but there are no shortcuts, no magic bullets, and no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter blueprints that will magically build your dream for you overnight.

Are you ready for an exercise to point you in the direction of your passion and your dream?

OK, it is time to turn off the inner critic for a few moments, no censoring allowed. For this exercise, you will have to let go of “trying” and “thinking” and let your imagination run wild.

Just roll with it…let it flow. There is nothing to “figure” out. Just let yourself have fun and go with whatever answers bubble up for you, let yourself dream BIG.

It does not matter how outrageous, hokey, or “unrealistic” your answers sound. All too often we talk ourselves out of our dreams, out of our passions, out of what we know on a deep level is what we are meant to do.

• When you dare to dream, what do you dream of being, doing, creating?

• What do you love about your dream and want more of?

• What have you (perhaps only secretly) been longing to do or achieve “someday?”

• In your wildest imaginings, what would your dream business look like?

• If you knew you could NOT fail, what would you LOVE to do?

• Do you want your dream to be local or global?

• What are you so good at that it comes almost as easy breathing? What do others repeatedly compliment you on? What do you LOVE doing so much that you never get tired of it? What are you so passionate about that you could talk about it for days on end?

• What does an ideal day in the life of your dream look like? How do you start your day? What environment are you in? Are you working solo or with a team? What kind of team? Do you have a personal or administrative assistant?

When you’ve played with and answered all these questions…you should have a vision that excites you and at the same time leaves you with that exhilarating, almost breathless sense of Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh….do I dare?

That’s your sweet spot! That’s the wonderful place where your unique gifts and genius come together with your passion and vision to create a wildly successful dream that is irresistible…to you and those you’re meant to serve.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and share with me and others what your sweet spot is.


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