Happy Heart-Healing Body

Greetings From The Front Porch!

Battling sadness “There are times when even to live is an act of bravery.”

Accident proverb

For those of you who are chronic pain patients, I believe that this quote rings true to you.  The days when all you can do is lift your head from the pillow to greet the sun is the day you also need to realize “you are brave.”

It takes bravery to choose to say thank you instead of why me?  It takes bravery to refuse to be a victim and step into participating in your own healing.  Being brave means learning new ways.

I believe we need to learn to be kind to ourselves, starting with our body, soul and mind.  We are what we think and choosing our thoughts for the day might be the only sense of sanity we have when faced with severe physical pain.

I have learned that before my feet hit the floor or head raises from the pillow I list off the three greatest things I am grateful for in that moment.  It allows me to start my day with a heart of gratitude rather then one of an attitude.  Be brave my friends, you can do this.

My List

Three Things:

1.  Thank you God for this moment that allows me to realize that I am fully alive.

2.  Thank you God for the family and friends who walk beside me and love me through those difficult times, regardless of how I feel, look and act.

3.  Thank you God for loving me enough to not take me out of the struggle but enter into it with me.

If you could list three top things you were most grateful for at this moment, what would they be?  I promise you this, a happy heart will help a healing body.


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