Follow Me....

Day 10

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Follow me, smile, be silent, watch the children all around you be like them.  Want for nothing while expecting everything, that is how you will know my goodness is real and true.  The expectation of amazing things to come is my spirit leading and guiding you into your future.

Impossible is not in my vocabulary.  Your success is not determined by others opinions.  Spread your wings my sweet child, I created you to fly.

Taste and see all the marvelous mysteries that are at your reach.  Do not be afraid of falling, fear not getting back up and allow that fear to drive you to try again.  You can live the life I created you to live, one moment at a time.

The path I set before you is one made just for you.  Your feet fit the steps, the stones were placed along the road just for you.  Look up, look out and lead those who are following you.

You have been down several of the paths before but treat  them with respect as if they are new to you.  Each day will give you a new perspective, each moment greater insight.  I have given you wisdom and knowledge to follow your mind to know better how to walk in faith, hope and love.  Remember, love is the greatest of these.

Open your hand and get ready to receive, I have many things I want to give you with the confidence that you will give them away.  You know me because you met me, you trust me because you know me.  I will never let you down, follow me and see.

Love Your

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