You Can.....

Day 11

Whispers from the Heart of God….

You can find peace in your pain, though it is not easy it is possible.  Calm your soul and quiet your spirit.  In this peace, you will find that I have been there all along.  I will use every circumstance to connect you to others in your community and beyond.

I am found in relationships, this is why I have written, “it is not good for man to be alone.”  People are a peculiar bunch, be patient with one another and you will receive a perspective into the hearts of those I place in your path.

Your testimony will be a gift to many.  Your life, faith and obedience to the call will allow others to see that I am a good and gracious God.  When my son said “it is finished,” it was. 

You do not have to work out or get lost, you have been found, forgiven and set free.  The way to my will can be found among the least of you.  This does not fly in the face of conventional wisdom or fabricated faith but it is my way.

Life is hard but I am good.  You were created in my image, start to trust your instincts, imagination and creativity.  I created you to create as well.  Think with an open mind.  My message today seems just as crazy as 2,000 years ago but it is a message of hope and healing.

Love others like I have loved you, no strings attached.  What will happen when you live with a genuine authentic love?  The gospel will be heard through what you do.  My son will be seen as your savior because of the way you choose to live your life.

You make me smile like only a daddy could smile when he delights in his daughters.  In this world, you will have pain but you my child can find peace in such places, just look for me.

Love Your