See Me In Your Mornings......

Day 9
Whispers from the Heart of God...

See me in your mornings as you watch the sun peak over the rooftops and rise above the branches.  My strength is like the sunrise on your front porch.  Feel me in your quiet moments.  I will start your day with you if you invite me in. 

Take me with you wherever you go.  Remember, you are not alone.  Speak from your truth and remember you once were lost but now your found.  Celebrate every hour, minute second, knowing you have been given a second and third chance.

Look for me in others as you go about your day.  I hide inside the hearts of my creation.  I will not force myself on my people but rather I will wait patiently for them to respond to my call.  Ask, seek, knock, and do not forget you will find me when you look for me. 

Do not us or abuse my name.  Give from a heart of thanksgiving.  Stop arguing and start listening.  Broken people need to be heard to feel safe.  Because of me, you will have the ability to give back to many without loosing much.

Spread your wings, reach for the stars.  Do not forget where you came from and where I have called you to go.  Think before you speak and be thoughtful with all you do.  Follow as you are followed, lead as you are led.

I have placed strong faith filled followers around you to show you the way.  True leading is found when you hear my voice and follow my spirit.  See me in the morning and know that you are never alone.

Love Your

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