Two Are Better Than One.....

BNL Retreat March 2012

Two are better than one.  “I am simply part of a whole”, ran across my mind as we all showed up but not showed off for a weekend getaway, sixteen women, sixteen different stories, sixteen different experiences and sixteen walks of faith. 

Sixteen reasons why I believe God is all about relationships and why Jesus spoke against religion. I sat around the dinner table listening to the chatter of fifteen women, most of them only meeting one another for the first time that day. A leap of faith and a shot of courage but they all did it, they all showed up without showing off.   

I think about all the times Jesus spoke to the religious leaders about such behavior and how he was against showing off.  I have no doubt in my mind that He was smiling as He watched us walk together this weekend.

An amazing thing happens when we leave our egos at the door and start to look outside of ourselves and into the eyes of others.  Two are better than one, there is a greater return for our work and if one falls down there is someone there to help us up. 

That is what happened this past weekend as sixteen women decided to step up and out in faith, to gather and grow in community one connection at a time.

A simple process took place, by listening well; asking good questions and pausing on purpose while trusting the spirit of the living God, we all experienced Jesus with skin on through the fellowship of one another.

Tears were shed, laughter was heard and friendships were forged as the weekend took off.  Mealtime became a memory maker as questions revolved around the table, one answer at a time.  We all quickly connected as we heard stories of yesterday, visions for the future and struggles in the present.

We promised not to change, fix or rescue one another but instead tried our best to point each other back to the one who created us.  We left all expectations outside the front door and judgment was not allowed to enter as well.

Through out the weekend it was evident that the simple message of the gospel is played out when we choose to participate rather then perform.  When we choose to show up instead of show off, all of a sudden it is simply just about being part of a whole and allowing God to do the rest.

Two are better than one!


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