I Am Like The Rain...

Day  6

Whispers from the Heart of God...

I am like the rain, I will come one drop at a time and wash away the old and bring in the new. You will find perfect peace when you learn to fold into the moment.  Listen to me, my still quiet voice can be heard all around you when you turn off all the noise.  Do not be afraid to walk away from the chaos and the clutter, let go and let me lead.  You will gain much by trusting in me.

Truth is found not by chasing the wind but rather by standing still.  I am not lost and I am not hiding.  To much of everything is what keeps you from experience my peace, strength and reassurance.  Do not look to others for your  unanswered prayers, keep asking and wait in expectation, you find what you are looking when you look to me.

My promise is that if you seek me you will find me.  You must look it, is how you will grow, you must, or it will be missed.  I promise you a hope and a future but the road is narrow and not many choose to walk this path.

Yes, peace, I will give you but I will ask you to let go of the ones you love.  I will ask you to let go of the things you believe give you value and I will ask you to believe in who I created you to be.  You do not have to add to my message, decorate your story or leave out some parts.  All of you are needed for everyone to believe.    Your pain and your past are where I will help to minister to others in the moment. 

Look around you, see all the people wondering around, lost without any direction?  Give them your time, smile, talk and teach them about my love.  Your actions will be like schoolbooks and chalk boards.  I will shine through your life, your helping hands and listening ears will be a trade mark of my spirit in your life. 

The hurt, lost and left behind need to know that I have not forgotten them even when it feels that way.  Be my voice, speak up and into their shattered lives.  Tell them I love them and I want them.  Tell them that Jesus loves them just the way they are and my heartaches for them.  Let them know that their pain and loneliness does not go unnoticed.

Teach them to be still, help them quiet their souls so they too can hear my voice, see my hands and know that I am for them and not against them.  I have not abandoned my people, they just need to turn from all the clutter and clamor of this world, which is what is  robbing them from their true inheritance of healing and wholeness.

Remember, I am like the rain,  one drop at a time, and I will take your pain and bring you peace.

Your Creator


Tricia said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for reminding me of some things I really needed to hear!


Cris Nole said...

Thank you!