I Have Given You......

Day 22

Whispers from the Heart of God....

I have given you an appetite for greatness.  I have given you a longing for more.  You will find both when you focus on my face and not the trappings of this world.

Do not second-guess my will for your life.  You are hearing me clearly; do not be distracted by what others think my will for your life should be.   Those that think they know will knock you right off the path I have placed before you if you are not careful.

Your child like faith is what helps you know my heart and holds my hands.  As you reach for me, remember, I have always been by your side.

I do not give you guilt or shame, I do not speak to you harshly or condemn you but rather, in love you will experience discipline and consequences, as a father loves his child so I will love you.

You are a mighty warrior equipped for such a time as this.  Your body may be aging but your mind is young and your heart even younger.

Your appetite for greatness is something I want you to fully embrace.  The longing you have for more will be found in my will as you follow my way.

Love Your

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