This Is The Day.....

The sound of the birds chirping in the trees and the sight of the sun bursting through the backdrop of the homes made me smile from my seat.  I think to myself, “Could there be any better way to start my day?”

As I sat on my front porch at dawn, smelling early morning scents of wet grass, roasted coffee and blooming rose bushes, I decided, "no," this is the best way to enter into my day. 

Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad. Gratitude for what was and what will be is the theme of my moment and the fuel that keeps me going.

I thank the sun, greet the birds and drink my coffee all while thanking God for the moment I melted into. 

If you are ever up at the crack of dawn come  break the day in with me!


thebuddinggourmet said...

Nice post.Thanks

J.Lyn Jones said...

I enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. Beautiful. Hope you have a lovely day.

Would love for you to follow/ visit hearts

Cris Nole said...

You are very welcome. I would love to come read your blogs as well.