What If
Greetings from the Front Porch.

What if today?  What if today I was intentional about the moment?  What if I focused all my thoughts and energy on what I was doing, seeing, saying and feeling as I allowed my faith to guide and direct me? 

I believe I would worry less and celebrate more.  I would see the blessing right in front of my face instead of trying to fix and plan for my future. 

What if I allowed for time of planning and preparing and when I finished let it be?  Sometime I can be caught up in the organizing  the plans of tomorrow that I miss out on the blessings of today. 

What if has so many possibilities.  I believe as I live in the land of in between, between yesterday and tomorrow, I would benefit from inviting what if into the start of my day. 

What if I focused solely on what needs to be done today, trusting that tomorrow will take care of itself.  Ancient scripture tells me it will. 

What if I remembered in the moment that I had chosen not to compare, compete, criticize, complain, gossip or boast.

What if I remember that slow, simple, small moments are what makes for an abundant life. 

What if I  choose for today to trust my intuition, check my intentions and train my internal editor. 

What if today I reminded myself that I am brave, bold and beautiful and I can do all things through Christ who give me strength.

I will tell you what would happen if I started my day in the what ifs.  I would live from a place of gratitude and giving instead of asking and complaining. 

Bring on the what ifs, I am ready to begin my day.
Chaplain Cris  

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