Hold On

Philippians 3:16
Hold on tight to the progress you have made.
Pastor Paul

Dear fellow travelers, greetings from the front porch.   Can hear them now?  The teachers from the past, whispering in our moments.   Do not worry, do not worry, do not worry.  Progress; hold on tight to your progress.  Learn from the lessons along the way.  God has given us the courage to face today.

Do not look any farther then this moment.  He will walk with us.  He will be with us.  Being still, quieting our soul, those actions will bring us peace.  Remember, I AM with you, regardless of how we feel.

Crisis, victory, trauma, success they are all part of your path.  Eyes wide open.  What do we see?  Look beyond the practical, look beyond your possessions.

Broken beautiful people all around us.  Continue to show up and just be you.  I AM enough.  Stand tall, walk in truth.

I AM love.  Gentleness and kindness to all of humanity is a lofty goal but a good one. 

Like the wind, HE will send us here and there.  Go in peace.  Fly.  Be free.  This is our time.  Walk in complete confidence.   We are never alone.  If we seek HIM, we will find HIM.

This is our moment.  Reflect, look back, taste all HE has done.  Our life gives hope to all who see. 

Redemption, recovery, restoration.  Continue to put one foot in front of the other.  His love will light the way.   We are not alone.  Love well.  Let go and see.  Remember the progress we have made.

  • Do you ever send yourself back to the starting line?
  • How do you remember the progress you have made?
  • How can others encourage you to continue to run the race set before each of us?

Praying for you my blogging friends and looking forward to opening season of the Folsom Front Porch.

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