Whispers From The Heart of God.....

  Good morning beautiful!  I smile when I think about how far you have come.  You are walking in the freedom of faith and the result is health, healing and wholeness.  I love you my child.  You are never alone.  Continue to embrace and live in the context of the story that I have created for you.

  Trust your intuition; it is much more aware then ever before.  You have found the right steps, intuitions, intentions and then edit if needed.  You are much stronger then you even realize.  It takes strength to live in the slow, simple, small moments of life. 

  The world does not celebrate what you have embraced, but I do.  Humility and courage are the byproduct of the life you have chosen.  Love well my child.  There is no need to complain, criticize, compete or compare, those will only bring you pain. 

  Be a builder of life, use your words and silence with care.  Both can bring either life or death, you get to choose. Sitting at my feet gives you the spirit of Mary, eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to think in terms of what matter most. 

  You have learned to trust, not because you get or I give, you have learned to trust me in spite of that, because you know me.

You are loved, today, tomorrow and forever.

Love Your Creator 

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