Welcome To The Human Race...

Being human means saying, I am sorry. Not because I am human but rather because as a human I will make mistakes.  As I grow and mature, my goal is to not intentionally hurt other humans, but knowing others, and myself it will happen. I am willing to except the fact that even forgiveness will be needed at times along with an authentic sorry sprinkled throughout my days, weeks and months, that is what being human looks like.  I am not trying to be perfect, just human.

But this belief I have been taught that God could not even look at me without Jesus because I am awful, bad, like cow dung, I do not believe that kind of teaching anymore. If that is the case why would one have children knowing they, would be taking a chance on them excepting Jesus or going to hell, my gut says “no way,” my spirit the one I call Holy points to a more consistent truth.  Life is not like a crap shoot, faith is not black and white and God does not hate humans.  

That truth would be that all human beings fail, fall down, make mistakes, that's how we mature and without allowing for that kind of humanity we prevent people from growing, mentally, physically and spiritually which then in turn causes them to rely on others to lead and guide, however, it’s usually others who lack the maturity needed to lead as well.  Ultimately, when we are allowed to be fully human we will find the face of God when others around us are reflecting him in our love for Him.  You cannot help but want what others have when it comes to authentic faith.  That is what Jesus represented throughout the entire NT.  I know this does not sound like deep meaningful theology but it is the truth of the gospels.  Read them with a lens of love and watch how Jesus was with the people.

Welcome to the human race, where perfectionism is a false concept and failure is not just a possibility but also a reality!

I love Jesus, though I am having little tolerance for what human kind has done to his message of love and acceptance.  I have to ask myself, if I believed this truth still and had a child, when would it be appropriate to start telling them how awful they are from the moment they came into this world?  It just does not line up with the common sense that God has given all of us from birth.

In the Proverbs, it is written, “As a man thinks he becomes.”  No, wonder so many Christians struggle with believing they are not enough.  We are told we are not.  How sad, when the truth is I AM enough.  HE in me is enough.  His essence, His goodness, His creativity, His love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, all of it in me is what makes me enough.  Today, when I choose to do more, its out of growth not fear. It becomes about growing and developing into a fully mature human being, which takes years, a life time to be exact.

To all my brothers and sisters of faith, I am not making fun of what you believe, I am not even asking you to walk away or stop believing in what you have believed.  What I am asking is that you show mercy and grace towards me as I untangle this web of man made rules that have been tied to the teachings that were handed down to me.  

God is love.  Jesus came to show us what that looked like.  When he spread his arms out on the cross of Calvary and it was stated, “It is finished.”  I believe with all my heart, the great I AM meant every word and it was finished.

I am not called to sell, advertise or present Jesus in the way the West has built him up to be.  I have not even been called to be Jesus.  I have been called to be me.  When I remember that God is love and that I am enough and that being human is about falling down, failing, making mistakes and getting back up I cannot help but want to offer the gift of grace that has been offered  to me by others for others as a representation of my love for my creator.  A creator who has patiently waited for this human being to stretch and grow, fall down, fail and get back up and walk through the process of becoming fully human, body, soul and mind.  

Jesus is my hero because He trusted our creator more then he trusted the laws of the land and of man. 
Welcome to the human race, you are not alone.  I AM is with you, you are enough!

Thank you for letting me share.


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