Stumbling Into Our Strengths...

What would it look like if we stumbled into our strengths?  What would it look like if we learned to dance with our dreams and desires through the practice of creating with out criticizing?

The warmth of the roaring fire filled the room. The crackling of the wood set the tone and pace for our impromptu arts and crafts sessions.  We could see the ocean from the windows in the room, which alone was inspiration to create.  The foghorn in the distance was a reminder that we were on a mission to stay in the moment.

Four of us sat around the table.  It felt like kindergarten all over again except this time I knew not to eat the glue.  There is a sacred secret about kindergarten.  That secret is, we are all human, imperfect, made to color outside the lines, taste the glue if be, kind of creatures, its how we learn.  I love the book called, “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”

On the table, like gifts waiting to be open, were paint, wire, hot glue sticks, beads, the list could go on.  It was a 5 year olds dream comes true.  The little girl inside me jumped with anticipation as the adult me sighed with expectation.  Gosh, the pressure I put on myself to be perfect comes out in this area. 

However, I was among some of my nearest and dearest peeps who not only do not require me to be perfect but would not put up with it either.  As a color outside the line kind of gal, that perfectionist personality is all ego and it takes a good set of friends to help me feel safe enough to just create and keep my ego in place.

I watched through out the weekend as the four of us created from a confidant place of freedom, the freedom to express ourselves without judgment.  The only judgment that would happen would be the kind we would place on ourselves.  We would remind each other to be gentle with ourselves as we creative freely.
What unfolded was beautiful meaningful art that had the spirit of love infused in each piece.  I watched as one of my friends played with wire.  She twisted, turned, and manipulated the sliver metal around a rock.  What started out as an experiment turned into a precious piece of jewelry.

 I fell in love with her first piece the moment she showed me.  It took my breath away but even more importantly and more breathe taking was when she put the piece on a cord and placed it around my neck.  She created beauty and gave it away.  She did not hold on to it, she gave it to me.  What a gift.
The Piece She Gave Me...

What a privilege it was watching her create something out of nothing. I was more interested in watching her in her strength then I was in my own work.  What an amazing gift to make something out of nothing.  Wire and rocks, married and manipulated into a masterpiece of work. 

The ironic part of this process, stumbling into our strengths is that my friend did not think much of her masterpiece at first.  It took three of us to tell her how much we loved what she made.  She was not looking for kudos; she just could not see with her own eyes what we saw with ours and felt with our hearts.  Which inspired her to make a master piece for all of us.  

There she was, stumbling into her strength, taking a piece of wire, something I saw only as wire and she turned it into something we could place around our necks to represent who we are. 

Jill’s jewelry represents progress to me.  Like the wire being twisted and turned, wrapped around our polished rocks of life until we look into the mirror and see a beautiful piece of artwork that came out of our struggles. 

This is what happens when we stubble into our strengths, others benefit from the beauty that is produced out of something so profound that even the one who creates it cannot conceive of its beauty until someone else points it out. 

Please enjoy these pictures of her creations.  With the gift of physically creating art, she also has the gift of writing life-changing affirmations.  

The kind of affirmations that empower and equip people to live fully and freely just as we are.  She has placed the affirmations within the boxes, as she has decided to share with the world. 

I am proud of my soul sister who has stepped out in faith.  She is using her gifts, talents and voice to help heal the world through art, words, creative expression and the spiritual and emotional energy behind it.

If you are interested in any of her pieces, personally for yourself or for gifts feel free to drop a note to her or just send her a word of encouragement as well at...................... 

P.S.  Remember, creativity is a community project, I challenge you to allow others to peak at your pieces of art and allow yourself to be seen.

Thank you for letting me share.

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