Casting Call....

I have always said there is a piñata inside of me just waiting to come out.  Little did I know it would show up as a shoe rather than a party game?  I love color if you haven't already noticed. 

Seven weeks ago I had surgery to have a bone fused and pins put in my big toe so that I could be relieved of the pressure and pain that comes with walking on bone on bone. 

I am down for the count.  I am now in a removable boot that comes off only at night.  I have three more weeks to go and I will be back in my running shoes, both.  Of course not to run yet, that will take time but I will be in my shoes.   You should see the smile on my face as I even type this out.

Many lessons learned over the last seven weeks.  Some practical others more spiritual.  On the practical side, wet casts are a no no. I tried my best, however three of my four fiberglass casts were due to the water finding its way through my bag when I showered.  The last time it happened I just sat on the ground and cried.  I thought "really?" I had only one week left and I got it wet.  I thought for sure they were going to kick me out of the hospital and tell me to never come back.  Not the case, they were all nice every time I showed up, they even knew me by name by my fourth cast.


On a more spiritual side.  I have had this opportunity to refresh and reflect on some areas of my life that I had not been paying close attention to.  This down time has brought me back to implementing an evening routine of reflecting and writing about my day.  Ending without media and instead using the evening to pray and mediate and challenge myself to what worked and what didn't work for.  This had been a habit I formed over a decade ago and just got out of the practice due to different life events.


I am amazed at how peaceful my spirit can feel when I choose to end my day without the noise of email, news or even a movie.  It took me being down to prepare me to be back up to realize how much better off I am for myself and those around me when I take the time to refresh and reflect on my day on a daily basis.  As a person who has struggled in my past with anxiety and depression this is a great tool that helps me keep my life in perspective.

I still feel like there is a piñata waiting to come out of me and who knows maybe that is just because I was raised in the 80’s and the need for neon colors to be present in the back ground of my life makes me feel more fulfilled, who knows.

What I do know is that life is like a sweat treat if I am patient and willing to wait, rest and reflect.  Hope you are having an amazing Tuesday my blogging friends and that you find color in a your day.


“Living In the Moment”

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