Emotional Rope Burn..

Note to self.  Hold everything loosely, plans, people even my perspective.  If not, there is a possible chance of receiving when not rendering what I call invisible rope burns to my heart.  Eventually my plans, people and my perspective will find a way to break free, when they do, burning occurs. 
Rope burn stings and takes time to heal, regardless if it is physical or emotional.  Emotional rope burn only feels like I am dying when in reality it is a reminder that I am human.  Emotional rope burn feels like I am a victim when the truth is it is a reminder that I held on a little too tight and a little to long.
What if I was created to ride the wave of change?  Many times I fight what is a natural process.  I hold on until I am about to break myself or what I am holding onto.   Really? Change happens every day, I have said it to my children over the years, “it is the one thing we can count on.” 
Yet, I find myself still struggling when it comes to the issues of my heart.  What if just for today I chose to grip, grab and then let go?  What if letting go is actually the key to knowing myself and others well?
I know these truths nonetheless, human nature is to fall back into old patterns.  I find it helps when I write out what I am struggling with.  It helps when I share with others and find out that I am not alone.  Today I am learning to take the cues my body sends me.  I can feel it in my heart, head and even my hands when I am holding on to tightly to my plans, people and perspective. 
Rope burns are never fun and rarely necessary.  Today I am embracing my life motto, “Living in the moment, trusting God with my future.”  I will let go so I can love well. 
Have a beautiful today my blogging friends.  Thank you for stopping by.

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Mom 510 said...

So love the post.
And really get what your saying about the rope burns.