Goodbye Gadgets...

Have you ever felt like you were tied to your gadgets and

gizmos?  I have, so I said goodbye to both.  Okay, not for good

but for now.  I have spent the last two weeks challenging

myself to only look at my phone when I chose to make a call or

need to pull up information.  I have placed both my cell phone

and IPad in places where I cannot seen them. 

These last two weeks of detoxing off of devices has freed my mind, body and spirit.  I did not realize how many times a day I reached for my phone even when it wasn’t beeping.  Or, I would plop down in my big blue chair in my office and grab my IPad and just start surfing the web using it as a tool to numb out in the moment instead of just being still when I had a few minutes to spare. 


It is not that I am anti gadgets and gizmos.  I just have this love hate relationship with them.  As someone who values time I noticed a pattern of my devices starting to devour my values one second at a time, one look, one glance and the next thing I knew an hour would pass. 


I had even gotten in the habit of reading on my devices before bed which made it easy to multitask between a book, email and instant message, no wonder I could not sleep, my brain never shut down.  So I even made a choice to turn off my devices a few hours before bed and only read the good old fashion way, a real book, pages in my hand, ink on the paper kind of reading, the kind that when the sun goes down so do I. 

By being intentional about my gadgets and gizmos, by using them by choice and not habit, I have been able to clear my brain space and make room for white space.  I have been able to enter into my moments with expectations of spontaneous joy.

Until two weeks ago I had not realized how much my eyes were being kept from seeing the gift of the moment because my eyes were on screens and my thoughts were on texts, email and the latest news.

My mind went from feeling like mush to focusing on fabulous moments.  So please do not be offended if you email me or text me and I do not get back to you immediately.  I am not ignoring you, I am pressing into the moment and will check by choice what crosses my brain.

 So, let’s see how the next two weeks goes, they say it takes 21 days to break and make a new habit, I am 14 days in.

Have a beautiful today my blogging friends and thank you for stopping by.

“Living in the moment”

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