The Voice In My Head...


Dear Inner Voice,
Today I am going to treat you like the trusted friend I believe you can be.  To begin with, a trusted friend is one who can handle the truth.  My friend, the truth is there are a few simple tools that will help us stay close instead of feeling like I am standing at the enemy line when you decide to speak.  I have to be honest with you, sometimes I feel like you hate me by the way you speak to me.
Here I go, tool NUMBER ONE, a trusted friend is a genuinely polite person.  A trusted friend speaks words of WORTH and VALUE.  I am not asking you to keep quiet, I am open for constructive criticism.  The key to this tool is to ask yourself this question first, “will this add value to her life?”  If not, then please wait until you can answer yes before speaking up.
The SECOND TOOL is LISTENING WELL.  I challenge you to turn off and tune into what I am saying and doing, it makes for clearer communication.  Sometimes you ramble a mile a minute and do not let me get a word in otherwise.  Remember, if it were not for me you would have no voice.
The THIRD TOOL is the ability to ASK GOOD QUESTIONS.  A trusted friend who listens well will be able to ask good questions.  Questions that are pertaining to the conversation and experience at hand.  Nothing says “I hear you,” like a great question.  Please work on this area, when you ask me questions that have nothing to do with the NOW, I feel ignored.
Last but not least, a trusted friend will PAUSE ON PURPOSE before moving on to the next part of the conversation or experience.  There is power when we pause.  Understanding happens in the silence.  I challenge us both to be more intentional with the way we practice pausing before speaking up.  
Inner voice, until you can start respecting my request I will have to ask you to be silent.  I know you can do this.  I believe we can become the best of friends, we  just need a little coaching. Heck, we have been together our entire life and should have had this talk a long time ago. 
Sincerely Your Closest Friend
As a woman thinks she becomes.   I am aware of how true this ancient Proverb is.   I write this letter in tongue and cheek knowing it is an area I can struggle with.  What if we all treated our thoughts as if they were our friends?  Would that not make for an interesting dialogue?


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