The Difference Between Religion and Jesus

Jim Palmer

The Difference Between Religion and Jesus:
Religion says it’s about the afterlife.
Jesus says it’s about the herelife.
Religion says hold on till heaven.
Jesus said the Kingdom of God is here now.
Religion says confess your wrongs to God.
Jesus said make amends with those you have hurt.
Religion says judge people who don’t measure up.
Jesus said only those who are perfect can cast the first stone.
Religion says to appeal to God to bring change in the world.
Jesus said to be the change you desire to see in the world.
Religion says God will bring peace, joy, freedom and love into your life if you measure up.
Jesus said these realities are unconditionally present inside you in every moment.
Religion says look to God for help and healing.
Jesus said to be instruments of help and healing in one another’s lives.
Religion says rescue people from eternal hell and punch their ticket to heaven.
Jesus said to confront injustice and take up the cause of those who unnecessarily suffer around us.
Religion says to blame Satan.
Jesus said to take responsibility for the damage and destruction we cause in the world.
Religion says go to church.
Jesus said be the church.
Religion says read the Bible in a year.
Jesus said live one verse today.
Religion says there are “us” and “them.”
Jesus says we are all children of God.
Religion says be careful who you love.
Jesus said God is love.

Jim Palmer(c)2014

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