Finding Church...

I am reading it in the morning, afternoon and night. It has become my treat between activities as well as a great way to start my day. I read in my big blue chair, in my bed and at the counter in my kitchen. I even read parts of it in the plane on the way home from Arizona. This book has come at a perfect time in my life.


A time when I have felt the dryness of the desert taking over and the stillness of the walk becoming almost more than I could handle. Each page makes me want to stand up and shout, “RIGHT ON”. I am not feeling so crazy or disconnected and alone anymore.


I love how Wayne has taken what I am finding so many of us on the outside have felt and put into words. I am grateful for this book which I will be using as a tool to help others who are wondering what to do next. Funny thing is as I continue to read through the book the answer is nothing, just be.


God is bigger and better than any program, conference or teaching from a pulpit. Thank you Wayne for putting your heart and soul out for the world to receive. Truth is freeing and that is how I feel about this book.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching for more in the moment without all the hoopla of hoop jumping, legalism and materialism in regards to faith.  Jesus came to set us free and Wayne does a beautiful job of opening that door to remind the family of faith that freedom is what following Jesus is all about.
Thanks you my friends, have a beautiful day.

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