Great Teachers...

  My brother is one of the greatest teachers I know.  He came to visit me over the holiday and I captured this picture of him on our annual Thanksgiving run that just happens to come right past our front porch.    What makes him such a great teacher is that he walks the talk.  He is not afraid of the struggle and he has risen out of the ashes only to rise above stronger and filled with more faith then I saw in him past. 
  Whenever I look at this picture of him my heart smiles and I feel happy and honored to be able to call him my brother.  He has been through so much over the last several years.  When most people would have thrown in the towel or became bitter he actually became better.
Never Give Up!
  He is a high school teacher and I know that the work he does is life changing.  I just told him when he was here last, that I can’t wait to hear all the stories of kids who made it through college and life choices in a successful manner because he took the time to listen, guide, teach and direct. 
The saying is true, great teachers inspire, inside and outside the classroom.  You my brother are an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with.  Keep the faith and know you are never alone.