Our Point Of View!

Why do we find it so hard to walk away from letting others really know “our point of view” and run like a bat out of hell when God gently taps us on the shoulder to say, “Excuse me daughter/son…could you please move? You’re in my way.”? I believe, it has a lot to do with perspective. The Encarta dictionary explains perspective as this…a particular evaluation of something; a situation or facts from one person’s point of view. Simply put…
…Perspectives…2-people looking at the same thing: different views: doesn’t make it wrong, just different

So why do we push and work so hard at trying to get “our point of view” across to others? Perhaps it is because each of our perspectives is very personal and can stem from a variety of many different things that we are going through at that time or have already gone through. From our perspective we make choices; good and bad, and, as a result there are consequences; good and bad, but far too often we press in so hard that we find ourselves emotionally attached to something that is, just what it is…our point of view.

For me, I have far too often found myself in this very place…ok let’s be honest…just this morning I found myself at this very place. However, this I know to be true…when I am in personal relationship with my Heavenly Father, I lay down my rights to my point of view. God doesn’t need me to try and get “His point across”! I trust that the Holy Spirit will work on my behalf. Only then, when my eyes are fixed on the cross, does there become the rippling effect of a paradigm shift and my perspective then becomes eternal. Just like Paul writes in Phil 4:11, I too, will strive for excellence in my relationship with Christ; entrusting my life’s circumstances (or perspectives) to God’s care.

So, what’s your point of view…will you continue to work hard at getting it across or will you allow God to show you his eternal perspective for your life…entrusting it all to His care?

In Christ’s Love,
Donna Whiting

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