Nothing Tastes as good as skinny feels!

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Try asking that as a question to the 3,000 children who head home every Friday from school, knowing that their skinny feeling is not by choice, their hunger pains they can’t prevent and the next meal they look forward to will not be until they arrive back at school on Monday.

This was just one statistic we heard today as a team of us went to meet with one of our local food banks to find out how we can partner with them and make the most of our time, effort and calling. It was just days earlier when I had first seen the inside of this warehouse, amazed and astonished at the boxes of food and house hold goods, all just waiting to be given to those in need. The hungry and the hurting of our community, those who are skinny not by choice, those who are the least of these, lost in the shadow of the business of our world.
There was an overabundance of food, stacked throughout this warehouse, “how could anyone go hungry?” was my thought. Boxes of fruits and vegetables, pounds of dry goods and electric coolers just waiting to be picked through, yet, as we sat with the director of operation, he made it clear of the need to feed. It all seems so simple, just pick up and put out, just drive in and drop off but that just is not the case, if that were so, many would not go to bed hungry every night in our own backyards.

As we sat in a circle, huddled together like a team waiting to hear the play, the director of operations walked us through what the day and the life of the bank looked like to those who came seeking to join the game. He was a man on a mission with a passion to be in community, he was not searching to be a lone ranger and it was clear that he was not looking for a pat on the back. He seemed to be content with the role he played on his team, tucked away in the massive tin box, on a back road where many pass by everyday. How many cars go by this place not even knowing the extent of the needs that are being filled by the hands of those inside?

“Do not be afraid,” floated off his lips, into the air and straight to all of our hearts. We went from being a little anxious to the information given to us to relaxing and coming to complete peace as he reminded us of the Kingdom we were truly serving. The passion in his voice and the stride in his steps made it more evident that this was not just a job for this man but a call.

I could feel unity in our huddle, I could feel the fire burning in each of our bellies as we all agreed that it was all about being in community. Sharing our resources and coming together to feed the least of these, to clothe the naked and give water to the thirsty. We as a team came to this man searching for direction and that is exactly what we got.

As our meeting came to an end, I could not help but ask if we could pray with our new friend and fellow servant, as he pointed to his arm and proudly displayed his tattoo of praying hands, he quickly said “yes” and shared how he never turned down prayer. With hands held together and eyes closed, we just came in agreement with grateful hearts for the time we had together and for the future of the call.

Those of you who had been praying for today’s meeting, thank you, this is just the beginning. We have been given favor as a group of people chosen and called to reach out to the least of these. We will keep you informed as we head out to watch and learn from those who have gone before us. We will ask, invite, and engage our own community to do the same.

If there is anything I learned today is this, “skinny should be a choice.”

Cris Perez-Nole
“Running My Race”

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