Grief Will Give......

Day 7

Whispers from the Heart of God...
Cry, be sad and feel your lose. You loved them well, you loved them deeply . You called them mother and father, your heart will heal. Do not hold back let it all out. The memories are my gift to you, share with others.

Your grief is real and it is not over. Do not be afraid to continue this journey, your healing happens one moment at a time. I created you to cry, it is good for your soul. While looking back remember your future. You will take your memories of them with you into tomorrow. 

Though your children may forget, you will remind them.  Their hands, lips, eyes, all remind you of their face and body.  You will not forget, you hold them in your heart.

You will be stronger in your grief and teach others to do the same.  Remember, I show up best in your weaknesses.  You are not broken, even when you feel like you are.  Hand me your heart, share with me your lose.

I will show you amazing things when you let go.  You will survive, you will find answers and you will walk with others down the path you have traveled.

I will catch you, teach and hold your hands and you will never be alone.  You are strong, brave and courageous to allow yourself to embrace your grief.  Do not hold back, I am with you, cry, be sad and feel your lose.

Love Your

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