Do The Things......

Day 8

Whispers from the Heart of God...

Do the things I have commanded, it will protect your heart from pride and arrogance.  I will lead you and guide you in the way you should go.  Remember those who follow you.  You are not on this road alone, though there are few they are there.

More will come and you want them to follow for the right reasons.  Never use your authority to control or manipulate my people.  Because I have called you to reach the hurt, lost and left behind, they will be vulnerable to abuse of many kinds.  Treat their hearts with gentleness.  Look, them in the eyes, see their souls.  I will show you their wounds and give you understanding.

They are the lost sheep of my flock.  They do not recognize my voice because others have made a mockery out of my message.  I can be heard by everyone who listens but the voices must be shut down and the noisemakers shut out.

I am the one who made the rules, set the command and created freedom in the form of my son.  This journey can be lonely because the least of these can become scared of the unknown.  They will run away from you and the others when they feel familiar feelings.  Be patient with them as they realize you are one of them.  Do the things I have commanded you to, I will protect you.

The plan I have for all of you is to heal you and set you free.  Like Lazarus from the tomb rise up and walk.  Look around you have support of my people and helping hands to set you free from the grave clothes that bind you down. 

There is no need to fear your new life, my promises are true and I will never leave you or forsake you.  I am not like your earthly parents who cam with baggage and brokenness.  I am the way, truth and light. 

Your hands were created to serve, give and be one of my very own.  If you choose to be still, quiet your spirit rest your soul, you will find me and you will know that I am God. 

I want you to walk where I walk and see what I see.  My treasures are not of this world and my gifts do not shine like the new toys so many own. 

However, I promise you this, the more you know me the more you will recognize my treasure here on earth and you will be able to do the things I have called you to do and you will be blessed. Do the things I have commanded, it will protect you.

Love Your

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