Allow Me To Introduce My Three Children...

Greetings from the Front Porch. 

Many of you have come to know me through the blogging community, so I thought since Mothers Day just passed; I would share a little bit more about myself as well as introduce you to my children. 

Allow me to introduce you to my three gems.   Amanda, the one with the bump, is my oldest and holds a very special place in my heart.  I met her when she was five years old and said I do to her daddy when she was just seven.  I have always said she was the easiest one to give birth to because all I had to do was say “I DO!”  The stretch marks from her are all on my heart.   The smile on her face is genuine and authentic.  She has taught me how to love unconditionally and how to value the individual.  She has been married for almost two years and is expecting her first child in June.

My second in line, Sami, is my bundle of energy; she came out ready to lead this world.  She is a 16-year-old half girl half woman, who wears her heart on her sleeve.  Her convictions are strong and her faith is profound.  She believes that people can change if you give them a chance.  She is my hero and my heart.  I can say without a doubt that I am still alive today because she knew what to do in the moment of crisis.  She giggles a lot and has no problem laughing at herself.  When life throws her a lemon, she makes lemonade. 

Last but not least is my youngest, my boy Vito; he is just shy of being 15.  I believe God gave me this man-child to remind me not to take life to seriously.  He lives in story and thinks in scenes.  He does not fit into a mold or into a box.  He is the reason his father found his own faith and the reason so many people believe in miracles.   Creativity and imagination lead his life; he is either writing, building or producing something new.  I love how he has always lived in the moment, an inspiration to a mommy who has a tendency to want to travel into the future.

What I love best about being the mommy of three is the way each of my children are so different and unique.  I love the way Amanda sounds when she speaks with her words.  I could cuddle with Sami all day and never get tired of holding her close.  And by far and still to this day, my favorite smell is the top of my boys head. 

Thank you blogging community for your encouragement and support over all these years.  For all you mothers out there,   I would love to learn more about your children and read about your stories.  Please feel free to send a response, comment or email, I promise to read and respond as well.

Cris@The Front Porch


Unknown said...

Cris I literally had a tear sitting on the corner of my eye while reading this. I can see your love for your kids and just reading about hem makes it even better.

Chaplain Cris Nole said...

Thanks my friend! Truly looking forward to sometime on the front porch with you. Lets set a date soon. I am out there most mornings when it is warm.