Whispers from Heat of God….

Day 31

Celebrate what I have given you.  Find joy in the peaceful pockets of your day.   The moments most people overlook are the moments I am calling you to search me out in.  You will find me in the middle of the ordinary and mundane, you just need to be willing to peak and seek, you fill find me.

When you celebrate with  me, invite others to join you.  Share with them all that you have learned by letting go.  Will you share about the hope you found and the healing you received when you trusted me with your past?

Throw a party and invite your family, friends and those you have just met.  They will hear your story through the life you live.  Your peace and joy are contagious and those who come will want to know more about why you are the way you are.

When I call you to celebrate, it is not so that you can deny your struggles.  There is a time and place for both, but celebrating and thanksgiving will be the door that leads you to healing and freedom.  It will be the door to enter and share.

Life on earth is hard and you will have days that seem less then days to celebrate.   Those days I am will with you just the same.

Look to me, see me in all you do and all you go through.  I have not forgotten you, I have not let go.

Celebrate and see all I have given you.

Love Your

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